MLSatRadio for MLServer

MLSatRadio for MLServer 3.9

With this software you no longer need a physical radio to listen any longer

Cinemar continues its tradition of delivering great-looking user interface solutions with the introduction of MLSATRadio. You'll enjoy cover art for the currently playing song along with what's playing information for all the popular satellite radio channels.

You no longer need a physical radio to listen any longer. You can now use one of the soundcards in your PC to create up to 4 virtual radios. Each radio has the capability to play a different SIRIUS or XM radio channel (a SIRIUS or XM online radio account is required). Control your SIRIUS or XM Satellite Radio from anywhere you have a networked PC - which means you'll have access from the Kitchen or the Rec Room. Create a list of favorite channels for easy channel surfing.

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